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Popular Tests to Check Alphanumeric Data Entry Skills

alphanumeric data entry

Data entry is crucial to business organizations. This is because it helps them store various information for making important decisions. These days, organizations use various types of data entries for various purposes. And alphanumeric data entry is one of the primary data entries these days. However, to get into positions involving alphanumeric data entry, aspiring candidates are made to appear for tests that help organizations assess them. Given below are some of the popular tests used by organizations to assess the alphanumeric data entry skills of candidates.

Alphanumeric Data Entry Tests

Organizations utilize alphanumeric data entry tests to understand the capability of candidates to enter alphabets and numbers into the system without making errors. It assesses the ability of candidates to enter alphabets and numbers using a keyboard. During this test, it will be observed if the candidate can enter details correctly from a keyboard having ten numbers across the keyboard. The dispatcher exam is one of the main exams that use this kind of data entry.

Data Entry Keystroke Tests

These tests help us understand the candidate’s pace of entering data into a word document. During these tests, candidates can be asked to enter data that may contain numbers, symbols, letters, tabs, and spaces. Those who wish to work as content writers, public relations assistants, bloggers, etc., can expect job interviews with Data Entry Keystroke Tests.

Kenexa Data Entry Speed Test

Unlike the two methods mentioned above, reputed accounting, banking consultancy, and management firms like Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, PwC, etc., use slightly different methods to assess candidates. These tests are known as Kenexa Tests. It comprises psychometric tests that employers adjust to assess candidates for specific roles precisely. Remember, data entry speed tests are also used in such assessments. Kenexa is the name of an IBM company that provides software for effective recruitment and retention of employees. ProveIT is a famous data entry speed test conducted by them, containing two data entry speed tests. Attempting the Kenexa Data Entry Alphanumeric Speed Test requires the candidates to enter data given in a PDF document into an imitation of a database.

Criticall Data Entry Tests

These tests are used to interview candidates whose job involves taking down accurate information during phone calls. 911 dispatchers are made to undertake such tests at their orientation time. These tests resemble emergency calls. So, which of these tests have you done so far?


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