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Data Entry Services – Data Entry Outsourcing Services | SastaBPO

Sasta Outsourcing Services is a trustworthy company offering world-class accurate data entry services across all the industry verticals. Most data entry tasks are tedious in nature, however, data entry is viewed as a fundamental and vital task for most organizations. Outsourcing data entry service can save time, reduce your administrative burdens, resources and increase the top-line growth of your company. Our data entry team is fully trained and skilled to perform particular tasks with 98.9% accuracy.

data entry services

Data Entry Services include the following:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Bills and Receipts entry
  • Labels entry
  • Coupon Redemptions entry
  • Business Card data entry
  • Credit Card application data entry
  • Customer feedback data entry
  • Voucher entry, Medical records entry
  • Research material data entry
  • Patient information entry
  • Shipping documents entry
  • Freight Bill and Bill of Lading entry
  • Real Estate data entry
  • Financial data entry
  • Tax documents entry
  • Ledger entry
  • B3 form data entry
  • Product data entry

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Source: Data Entry Services – Data Entry Outsourcing Services | SastaBPO

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Tips for Outsourcing Offline Data Entry Services

Dealing with offline data can turn out to be a daunting task if you lack expertise and infrastructure. When you find tons of documents waiting to be entered into the electronic format, the best option is to assign these tasks to the experts. Well, it is much more feasible to Outsource Offline Data Entry Services to offshore companies than to hire full-time professionals. As these tasks are time-consuming and painstaking, you would not like your employees to drain their time dealing with them. India is the global hub for offline data entry services as the companies here offer professional services at reasonable costs.

Offline data entry

Here are certain tips that will help you to choose an offline data outsourcing company in India.

Expertise of the professionals: When you Outsource Offline Data Entry Services in India, make sure that the company has an impressive track record. A detailed knowhow of the process and good cooperation among the employees ensure quality services and fast delivery. Choosing the reputed service-providers ensures that the quality of work will satisfy your expected standards.

Protection of data: You must be aware of data theft when you Outsource Offline Data Entry Services to third party professionals. The reliable companies sigh non-disclosure agreements with their clients to ensure data security. Besides, keep an eye on the protection of their servers as your data may get It is necessary to remain informed about the anti-virus and protections they are using.

Customization of services: Your individuality is of prime importance when you outsource data entry services. Whether it is image conversion, offline database, data conversion and so on, convey your specifications to the experts. They should adhere the guidelines. Approach a company that respects your individuality.

Most of the Indian companies that deal with offline data entry services have upgraded technology and infrastructure. Hopefully, you will be able to pick the right service provider while outsourcing offline data entry services.

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Outsource Handwritten Data Entry Services

Gone are the days of piles of paper documents for businesses and the endless time and effort to sift through these heaps of papers to access the data. The digitization has made it possible to easily access and store the data without any data loss. Businesses often have to deal with the cumbersome task of converting the handwritten documents that are generated on a daily basis to digital format. This is where outsourcing of handwritten data entry services comes up as the best way out.

Handwritten data entry services

Outsourcing will help you to manage your paper documents by converting them into easy to manage digital formats. Our well experienced data entry team will ensure high accuracy while converting the manual documents into digital formats. We handle all types of documents including handwritten taxation data, paper clips, vouchers, journals, yellow pages, letters and business card indexes among others.

Conversion of hand written documents into digital form requires a high level of precision and an eye for details. We provide top quality services at cost effective rates which will help you cut down on the operational overheads like employing an in house team and installing the software tools and infrastructure to carry out this tedious procedure.

One of the biggest advantage of outsourcing is that it would leave you with enough time to carry out your core business operations. Outsourcing will ensure you peace of mind as you will be passing on the responsibility of handing out the task well within the turnaround time to the outsourcing partner while you can focus on your core business operations. We at Sasta outsourcing Services employ the latest software tools and proven methodology to ensure top quality work.


  • Zero error outcome at the quickest turn around time
  • Access to expert services a d state of the art technology
  • Data entry in desired format according to requirements
  • Cost effective method to carry out your work
  • Secured servers used for confidentiality of your data

So, if you have been looking for a one stop solution to Outsource Handwritten Data Entry Services, look no further than the experts.

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Outsource Website Data Entry Services To Offshore Partner

An informative and updated website is the doorway to any successful business operation. So, entering data into the website becomes a time sensitive and highly responsible task that requires a high level of quality and precision. Effective website management is critical to the growth of every organization as a shoddy website will leave a poor impression in the minds of the customers. So, make sure you have the advantage of a well updated and comprehensive website by outsourcing to Sasta Outsourcing Services that has a solid track record of handling a range of website data entry services.

Website data entry services

Stay ahead in the race, by having an updated website that will assimilate the market trends, customer shopping patterns and more We ensure the quickest turn around time and high precision at the best rates. We have the capability to handle web site data entry works of all types and will ensure output in the requisite format as specified by the clients. When you outsource these data entry services to us, you are rest assured of data confidentiality and safety. We are here to assist in your outsourcing needs with a high level of professionalism and quality that will save your valuable time and resources.

Maintaining user friendly and effective websites is the biggest challenge faced by businesses these days. Website Data entry is a critical task for all organizations; however most businesses find it hard to manage this time consuming task online due to shortage of funds and manpower. This is what makes outsourcing of website data entry the best option to consider as it will let you the luxury of employing your team in core business operations instead of keeping them engaged in the non core operations like data entry.

Validating the data of your website is a challenging task that demands an eye for details and high level of precision. When you outsource these services to us you get the state of the art technology coupled with a high precision outcome that will put you ahead in the race. For more details contact us.

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Outsource Data Conversion Services And Digitize Your Documents

Data conversion is a high growth segment for most global businesses because a high quality data base gives them a cutting edge advantage over the other players in the field. Data conversion services will help businesses in organizing data, converting it into digital formats and removing errors or duplicate data and reusing data as per their needs. A well managed data base becomes the trump card during diversification of business operations and new product launch. Outsourcing data conversion services will give you the added advantage of ensuring the conversion of various types of data files including PDF, JPEG, TIFF, Word, HTML, PDF and XML with a high level of accuracy that too well within the turnaround time and budget.

Data conversion services

Why Outsource Data Conversion?

Digital format data comes handy in easy and quick identification and recognition of individuals and their records. The most important benefit of data conversion is data capture and digital storage, which will ensure easy and safe storage of data in an easily accessible format to suit the specific needs of our clients . Transferring data from traditional sources like paper into digital formats prevents data loss. However this task is time consuming and complex that involves various software tools and the services of a well experienced team. Most businesses might not have these capabilities in- house and that is where outsourcing assumes a greater significance.

Sasta Outsourcing Services has an added advantage of having a brilliant track record in handling data conversion services of various volumes and complexities as per the requirements of our clients. We have expertise in data conversion with a dedicated team of professionals to carry out this task with zero errors.

For any business, unorganized information makes the biggest stumbling blocks in the progress. By converting and sorting unorganized data into easily accessible digital format, you will enjoy the dual advantage of having a readily usable data in a portable format. Outsourcing weeds out redundant data and makes the documents precise and up to date. So, if you have been looking to outsource data conversion services, you are at the right place.

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Outsource Word Data Processing Services for Transportation and Logistics Industry

The transportation and logistics industry has grown with time. With the growing demand for customized transportation facilities, both the Government and private transportation sectors have relied on computerized systems for flawless functioning of their business. Different global transport agencies Outsource Word Data Processing Services for transportation and logistics industry to Indian companies due to the fine grade of services they get here, at compatible prices. There are different functions that these third-party service providers have to perform. Here are some of the frequently availed services:

Word data entry services

To capture data from scanned images

In the transportation and logistics industry, data entry professionals have to scrutinize scanned images and enter related data in the digital outfit. The personnel catering the industry with these services are reputed and have a lot of experience. You can trust on the reputed data entry companies in India to simplify the internal working of your organization.

Online ticket registration

Transport agencies Outsource Word Data Processing Services for transportation and logistics industry to reputed firms to register the names of clients and issue tickets. These are complicated tasks and demand accuracy and alertness. It is not possible to hire a full time professional to deal with bulk work, all through the day. So, you have the best option wide open, just get in touch with a reputed data entry company in India and outsource the work to them.

Providing relevant information

Customers seek updated information when it comes to transportation. So, you need to hire alert professionals to enter the right information in the database and cater to the needs of your clients. When you go for the companies in India, you will get the required support for entering the required data.

Whether it is ticket cancellation, updating the time schedule or maintaining internal records, it is important to hire professional people for data entry services for the logistics and transportation industry.

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Virtual Data Entry Clerks and Its Benefits – Sasta Outsourcing Services

Source: Virtual Data Entry Clerks and Its Benefits – Sasta Outsourcing Services

virtual data entry clerks and its benefitsAre you tensed with many  data entry requirements in your office? Don’t worry.. in this situation hire a Virtual Data Entry Clerks. The main benefits of virtual data entry clerks

  • Great typing skills and speed for accurate
  • entry with every modern tools and software programmes
  • Experience